Q: What do the red and blue dots mean?

A: The red dots on the paintings mean that it has been sold. The blue dots mean that the painting is hanging at Mountain Trails Galleries in Sedona and is available for purchase there.

Q: Why a painting every day? Why not one a week, or one a month?

A: I really wanted to do something where I pushed myself throughout the year to get better. Additionally, at the end of this year I thought it would be interesting to look back at all the paintings and see how I progressed on a daily basis across 365 paintings instead of something like 52 or 12.

Q: Why 6″ x 8″ for most of the paintings?

A: In order to balance the Just Keep Painting Project with my illustration work I can only spare an hour or two in the mornings. 6″ x 8″ (and similar dimensions) is a manageable size for that time frame and when a painting is purchased it’s more economical to ship.

Q: Will you be painting in other mediums besides oils?

A: Definitely. I don’t plan on restricting myself to any particular medium, subject matter or size. This project is about development and over the years I’ve found that getting better at art in general comes down to learning how to “see” and how to simplify detail and be economical with brushstrokes.

I’ve picked oils to begin the project as it’s one of the mediums I struggle with the most and is therefore the one I’ll probably be devoting most of my time this year to learning.

Q: Why? Just…why? (see “About” page)

Q: What is “Finding Friday”?

A: “Finding Friday” was a way to engineer a reason to get the heck out of the house. I started it so that I’d need to get out on Fridays, find something interesting, bring it back, and paint it. I will definitely cheat periodically when pressed for time by grabbing one of the many knick-knacks my wife has collected and painting that instead of leaving to find something.

Q: How do you choose what to paint?

A: Because I’m painting so many paintings over the course of the year I can’t be too picky with my subject matter. I’ve collected lots of reference photos that I’ve taken over the years but I’m going through that at a fierce rate. Mostly I’ll be painting the things in my general area. Scenes from the city I live in, beaches, trees, figures, objects, whatever I have ready access to that I think would be interesting to paint. If you have a suggestion for subject matter, I’m all ears and please let me know by filling out the Contact page.

Q: Where do you get the titles for your paintings?

A: I’m giving that assignment to people in my immediate area. For the month of January my ten year-old daughter Eliza will be writing the titles. Bribery, in the form of five dollars (per month’s-worth of paintings), may or may not have been involved.

My 18 year-old daughter Eva will be on title duty for the month of February and, even though he doesn’t know it yet, my 16 year-old son Ethan will be doing March.

For paintings April and onward the titles are from me. When thinking of titles I often try to imagine myself in the scene or imagine a scenario or conversation in the subject matter. A couple of cherries closer together than the others? Maybe they’re whispering secrets to one another. I try very hard not to pick “typical” painting titles and often spend far too much time trying to think of the perfect title.

Q: Are you really going to do a painting every day for the whole year? What happens if you get sick or an ULE (Unexpected Life Event) happens?

A: Yes. By the end of the year I will have 365 paintings. If something unexpected happens that forces me to miss a day (or several!) I will make up for it on a following day.

Q: Do you accept commissions?

A: Certainly. Just with the caveat that between the Just Keep Painting Project and my illustration work, I’m left with not much time. If you don’t mind waiting then sure, send me a message.

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